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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We have over 20 years experience cleaning carpets and upholstery and during that time we have tested many different chemicals, machines and methods.

     Allegri Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning

We mainly use a portable wet clean extraction system, which provides a deep and thorough clean to Carpets and Upholstery removing dirt, stains and odours etc. Although drying time varies, our system gives a maximum waterlift which reduces the drying time to a minimum.

Unfortunately, not all stains respond to cleaning, depending on the amount of soiling, what has caused the stain or what chemicals may have already been used to try and remove the stain.

Our qualified technician will ensure that any such stains will be brought to your attention prior to cleaning.and discuss with you how you would like to proceed

Cleaners Training

All our staff undergo intensive training courses and regular refresher courses ensures that we have the skill and technical know how to guarantee you the best possible clean for your particular carpets, fabrics and cleaning tasks.

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