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Window Cleaning

The traditional way of window cleaning is obviously a tried and tested method.

With the latest high level, Reach and Wash pole cleaning equipment, fully trained staff, committed management and an impeccable safety record, we guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any window cleaning task.

     Allegri Cleaning - Window Cleaning

Originally when Allegri Cleaning was first established we concentrated on Window Cleaning.


Reach and Wash

The Reach and Wash System and is ideal for those "hard to reach" places, where a ladder is not practical like tall offices & dormer windows.

     Allegri Cleaning - Pole System
Due to Height Restrictions and Health and Safety reasons, the Reach & Wash Pole System alleviates the problems that window cleaners face with using ladders. The pole system allows window cleaning easily up to 45 feet with scope to go higher, without the window cleaner having to leave the ground.

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